President's Message

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to have the honour of welcoming you all on behalf of the Essential Oil Association of India to the EOAI International Congress & Expo 2022 in the largest metropolitan city in Central India – Indore.

Indore is famously known for its cotton handloom and incense industry, magnificent palaces and temples, street food, night market and more.

India is the major producer of essential oils & other fragrant raw materials across the world. There are certain essential oils where we are the market leader and have a dominant position. Just three states of India Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Madhya Pradesh; cover nearly 90% of the total production of mint oils. The other fragrant raw materials are spice oils, oleoresins, and floral absolutes. The emerging oils from India in the last few years are Lemongrass & Vetiver. Needless to say due to the contribution agencies like CSIR-CIMAP, FFDC Kannauj & other institutions the pace of growth of this industry is more than 10% for the last few years.

This is going to be the first mega offline event in the essential oils sector devastating COVID19, which has affected us in one way or another. During such a period also, we kept on working with limited resources and opportunities with high morable & energy. Now, the time has come to revitalize the entire industry in this present scenario. The present gathering of leading industries, scientific institutions such as CSIR-CIMAP, NBRI, IIM, IHBT, IITR, NEIST FFDC Kannauj, CAP Dehradun & Industry associations such as FAFAI, AIAMA, Sugadh Vyaipar, etc. along with leading national & International experts we will come up with road map of New Fragrant India. I am sure a path will be the way forward to make India a dominant player
in this industry.

I welcome all the delegates and experts a warm welcome and a great time at Indore.

You valuable deliberations will contribute to reshaping the dimensions
of the trade-in a positive manner.

We look forward to your valuable presence & contribution.

With warm regards,
Yogesh Dubey
Essential Oil Association of India

Mr. Yogesh Dubey